[TxMt] Re: default fold level

Christian Rosentreter karibu at gmx.net
Mon Nov 28 23:15:06 UTC 2005

Hello Jamal

On 28.11.05, you wrote:

> howdy,
> i know there used to be a global default fold level you could set and it
> was pulled due to issues. that was a long time ago however. is there a
> bundle level default fold level these days? or even a global one again?
> thanx...

I talked about this already on ##textmate a few days ago. 

I also need a way to configure some (global) custom foldmarkers 
w/o having to fork the bundles I need these custom foldmarkers 
in (mostly C and PHP here).

This custom folds could be displayed in a different color (the 
little arrows for fold/unfold) and (optional) automatically be 
closed when loading files containing such markers. This had the
advantage you can open the source parts you need directly after 
loading the file and not need to close parts you don't need (saves 
a lot time on large source files, I like this behavior in my 
other current editor (MorphED on MorphOS)). 

I made a small mockup how I imagined this:


(with fold start as "/* ---" and fold end as "/* --- */" 
configured (it's ansi c compatible ;) ).

Maybe these custom folds could be called level 0 folds and have
higher priority than the automatic folds. 

Anyway, that's how it looks in MorphED (I unfold one function after 
loading the sourcefile):


Would great if that would be possible somehow in TextMate too and
I hope I could explain it in an understandable way. :)

.tokai - christian rosentreter  @ http://www.christianrosentreter.com 

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