[TxMt] Re: Feature request: project templates

Chris Jenkins chrisjenkins at mac.com
Wed Nov 9 10:35:58 UTC 2005

> Not really -- in principle there should be nothing wrong with having
> a normal (file) template generate a project, although I'd have to
> spot the .tmproj extension.


That sounds like the way we'd like to go, seems like the right place in the
app for the feature to exist as well, we don't really have the skills to
delve into ObjC and write a plugin (although Im sure it cant be THAT hard),
so some form of script (perl or python) is probably the easiest way to go,
we are working on something that can ask the user for input and then copy
across a whole directory of files, what is it about the .tmproj extension
you need to change?



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> Re: [TxMt] Feature request: project templates

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