[TxMt] Keystroke changed since last update 715 ...

Karl-Heinz Wild kh.wild at wicom.li
Tue Nov 8 06:38:11 UTC 2005

On 08.11.2005, at 02:49, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 08/11/2005, at 1.14, Karl-Heinz Wild wrote:
>> Could it be that since the snap 715 the defaultkey defininition  
>> for all
>> application has changed. There are some definitions inside that I  
>> can't
>> use newline, backspace in any applications on os x.
> The update only replaced TextMate.app, so if things are wrong with  
> other applications, the problem is unlikely to do with TM.

I've replaced the important part of the file, but the backspace  
sections seemed like the following snap.

     /* TextExtras features */
     "^$T" = "TE_preferencesPanel:";
     "^$I" = "TE_reindentWrappedLines:";
     "^[" = "TE_indentLeft:";
     "^]" = "TE_indentRight:";
     "^$C" = "TE_specialCharactersPanel:";
     "^$G" = "TE_gotoPanel:";
     "^$D" = "TE_openQuickly:";

Where are these entries from? Backspace looked like TM_insert...Tab:
Aren't they from TM?

Please, don't missunderstand me.
It's just a question not a reproach :)


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