[TxMt] Editing files via FTP

Jonas Witt jonas.witt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 21:42:50 UTC 2005

On 03.11.2005, at 22:29, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:
> I'm seeing everyone talking about Transmit. Could someone tell me  
> in what ways is it better than Cyberduck?

Cyberduck sometimes really annoys me. If I connect to a server, leave  
it alone long enough (6 minutes?), it auto-disconnects. At least TCP  
does it, I don't know if Cyberduck recognizes that. If I now try to  
close Cyberduck, it warns me about this 'open' connection. OK, I  
click disconnect. It connects again, probably to disconnect. But it  
doesn't disconnect. If I click disconnect again, it disconnects  
(maybe because now the connection was really open again). _Now_ I can  
close Cyberduck. Great.

I don't know if Transmit does this too, but this is what I dislike  
about Cyberduck. And it just seems too big, takes too long to load  
for a simple (?) FTP client. It could really be slimmer, I think.

But I like that Cyberduck has _no_ local browser. As Jason said, it  
does it the Mac way.

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