[TxMt] Editing files via FTP

Charilaos Skiadas cskiadas at uchicago.edu
Thu Nov 3 21:29:19 UTC 2005

On Nov 3, 2005, at 3:24 PM, Trevor Turk wrote:
> I remember moving over to Mac not too long ago, and
> one of the first things I went looking for was a
> Windows Explorer clone. Not that I'm in love with
> Windows, but I find the Finder (hehe) very difficult
> to work with. Also, I remember trying to use it for
> FTP and was very disappointed in the whole read-only
> thing. Thankfully, Transmit is pretty sweet - and I'd
> already spent who knows how much on the computer, so...

I'm seeing everyone talking about Transmit. Could someone tell me in  
what ways is it better than Cyberduck?


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