[TxMt] defaults OakShellVariables

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Thu Nov 3 13:28:48 UTC 2005

On 02/11/2005, at 20.01, Simon Gregory wrote:

>> A word of warning: 'enabled' must be a boolean, and adding it like  
>> above adds it as an integer, which will make TextMate throw an  
>> exception when executing shell commands (until the entry is removed).
> I'm assuming that I can't use
>    defaults write com.macromates.textmate OakShellVariables \
>       -array-add '{enabled = true; value = "/Users/simon/classes";  
> variable = "CLASS_PATH"; }'
> as it'll be interpreted as a string...

Indeed -- not sure how one would provide type info for the individual  
values (when adding in batch). I guess the real problem is the old- 
style plist formats lack of a boolean type.

In retrospect, I should of course have made a “disabled” key instead,  
that way, just leaving it out would mean enabled.

>> I'll make next build accept an integer as well.
> I've written a clunky shell script that reads in the shell  
> variables and then only adds them if they not already there, so  
> I'll be looking forward to this.

It unfortunately escaped todays build, but it'll be in the next one,  
for sure! :)

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