[TxMt] [Q] Unicode and other encoding method?

JongAm Park jongampark at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 24 05:06:02 UTC 2005


Thank you for the great editor. I have never seen an editor with that 
unique features provided by the TextMate.

It is very good.

However I think it misses really important ones : International 
Lanaguage support.

As well as Unicode, other encoding methods, especially CJK, should be 
However unlike other editors, I suggest one unique feature for selecting 
encoding method.

1. The encoding method names should be grouped for same languages and 
listed as such.
    For example, if it is Korean, It should be listed "EUC-KR", 
"ISO-2022KR", "UHC(Windows Korean), and so on.

2. The order of the items should reflect how often you use a specific 
encoding method.
    Let's say you use the UTF-8 a lot. Then it should move up to the 
beginning part of the list,
    or it should hide items you don't use usually.

3. Automatic detection of encoding method used for a file should be 
supported. Most Mac editors are very weak with this feature.

What do you think about it?

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