[TxMt] Feature Request: file encoding in status bar

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sun Mar 20 08:32:52 UTC 2005

On Mar 19, 2005, at 8:11, José Campos wrote:

>     Could it be possible to add (for instance in the status bar at the
> bottom of TM windows) informations about the current file encoding and
> line endings?

The current is always unicode + LF. What I can show is what was used to 
decode the file during load (which is the default when you save, unless 
you've forced e.g. utf-8 in the preferences, like myself ;) ) -- I do 
intend to add more stuff to the status bar (like this) and make it 
interactive for some parts (e.g. change syntax, enable/disable various 
modes etc.), but this is a project-window-redo to-do item.

>     And when saving a document, could we have an alert message if the
> document can not be be saved with the desired encoding?


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