[TxMt] Split Panes: who/what/when/where/why

William D.Neumann wdnx at unm.edu
Wed Mar 16 01:59:28 UTC 2005

On Mar 14, 2005, at 5:40 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> And this is just a fraction of what I get, the list of actual 
> letters/requests and the list of what I would like to do with TextMate 
> is starting to get absurdly long, and unfortunately I do not have 
> access to a master switchboard where I can just enable and disable 
> features as I please -- they all require work, planning and probably 
> most importantly; motivation!

And we're still waiting for the version that makes us our morning 

> Although dealing with the guys at BB does have it's downsides. You 
> could propose for them to implement a Tab GUI (like TM), a User 
> definable Syntax highlighting system (like TM), a Project hierarchy 
> file viewer (like TMs Project Drawer) or any other item, like I did 
> back in 2001 and many times since up until TM arrived.

And unlike some text editor developers I know, the BB guys will never 
tell you if any given feature is even being considered for inclusion, 
much less under active development...

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