[TxMt] Addendum (Was: Problems with b5 and services menu / BOM ...)

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Mar 11 00:36:13 UTC 2005

On Mar 11, 2005, at 1:18, Christian Bogen wrote:

> I got curious and poked around a bit: It seems that in UTF-8 files the 
> BOM can be harmfull (in a way) after all: [...]
> So I guess not setting it should remain the default, whether it's 
> setting is available as an option or not.

Yes, the BOM in UTF-8 is redundant, can be harmful, and UTF-8 files can 
be recognized with 99.9% certainty w/o the signature.  For UTF-16 OTOH 
it makes a lot of sense, and really should always be there -- and TM 
will indeed also put it there :)

> Of course allowing for manipulation of the BOM would also make it 
> easier to remove it if necessary

I added the preservation of BOM in UTF-8 files recently because of a 
request, but as expressed earlier, I really think TM should always just 
strip it from UTF-8 files (and I may revert to that if I'm not given 
persuasive evidence that current behavior is good).

Actually, I would like to remove all the options during save and always 
save as UTF-8 + LF endings, but that probably wouldn't go down so well 

[ TextMate service ]
> [...] It's greyed out when I select text existing mails in Mail.app, 
> seems to work only when composing new ones (ie. in the mail editor). 
> Is that a bug or a feature?

The service offers to edit and return text, so it will not work for 
non-editable (but selected) text. Unfortunately as the system is 
currently made, I'd need to make a new service (i.e. entry in the 
services menu) if I were to also offer a 'new document with selected 
text' service.

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