[TxMt] Bolding and antialiasing (and possibly Markdown)

Jeroen van der Ham jeroen at je-ju.net
Mon Dec 19 09:20:58 UTC 2005

Jeffrey E. Forcier wrote:
 > […]
> So. Is this something TextMate is doing, or is it at the system level? 
> In the various terminal apps I've never had issues like this. And 
> regardless, does anyone have any suggestions? I realize that at the end 
> of the day it's a silly thing to complain about, but I tend to be a 
> stickler about stuff like this; if, when writing in Markdown, my italics 
> are italic, I'd like my bolds to be bold too =)

It is a system thing: for some reason the system decides to not use the 
bold variant of the bitstream font, but to "bolden" up the regular font, 
making it look pretty ugly.

Some of us have toyed with it, we've never actually come up with a 
proper solution.

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This is completely bogus. And even more so if you're sending an email to 
a list. You really should remove this waste of bytes from your signature.


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