[TxMt] Project Drawer: File won't show in tabs/edit pane

Owen Densmore owen at backspaces.net
Sun Dec 11 21:35:59 UTC 2005

Hi folks.  I've tried TextMate a while back and in *instantly*  
replaced my use of jEdit.  Wow, hard to believe you can get a unix  
class text editor with Mac grace all in one package.  Congrats!

I've the following problem:

   - I've created a project called Daily that I have the files I edit  
often: Notes, Log, Bashrc, ToDo, etc.  I add files to the project by  
simply using Add Exiting Files ...

   - This generally works but I've got one shell script file "misc"  
that is used for quick shell hacks.  When I include this in my  
project, it does not show in the tabs or in the edit pane.

   - The file is a bit odd: it looks like this:
<current hack>
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# ----------------------------------------------------------
<past hacks>
# ----------------------------------------------------------
...etc to EOF.
Note the "exit" used to let prior hacks be available for reference,  
yet not be executed when misc is called.  The file is here if that  
would help: http://backspaces.net/files/misc

So basically I'm trying to add an existing file to the project and  
although the name shows in the drawer just fine, double clicking on  
it does not put it in the tabs or edit pane.

Note that the file works fine outside of the project .. i.e. if I  
execute "mate misc" from the terminal, I get a new window with the  
file showing correctly.

I suspect I'm doing something dumb but..any help appreciated!

     -- Owen

Owen Densmore
http://backspaces.net - http://redfish.com - http://friam.org

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