[TxMt] Documentation: tell the world!

Freek Dijkstra freek at macfreek.nl
Fri Dec 9 20:39:55 UTC 2005


I'm new on the list, so sorry for stating the obvious.
The documentation of TextMate is terrible.

After using TextMate for some time, and struggling with many features, a 
collegue pointed that there is some documentation at 
However, there is no link to this URL. Please make a link to this page 
from the home page. Now, please.

Thanks. What? You haven't done so? Stop reading then! Please do it 
*NOW*, before other people waste their precious time.
I had to find the function of multiple functions (e.g. how DragCommands 
work, that they only work with file, not URL's, how tab triggers work, 
etc. etc.) by Googling and reading earlier posts on the mailing list. I 
really could have saved a lot of time if I knew earlier that there was 
some documentation out there. In fact I strongly recommend to add a menu 
item in the Help menu which directly links to this documentation, and 
release a minor update :-)

I just started reading the docs, and here is some first comments:
Please change the order of the paragraphs "Selecting Text" and "Editing 
modes" on the "Working with Text" page. "Editing Modes" discusses the 
column mode, which was introduced in "selecting text", so the later 
paragraph must come first. In the current order, the "Editing Modes" was 
hard to comprehend.

Freek Dijkstra

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