[TxMt] Improving SymbolPopup for LaTeX?

Timothy Bates timothy.c.bates at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 13:11:44 UTC 2005

>> 2) Second, any changes you make only take effect after you closed
>> the bundle editor. Again, WHY? That's not the case for commands and
>> snippets and stuff.
> I hope it will change real-time in the future, but a preference
> change affects a lot, so a lot of caches needs to be flushed, things
> needs to be re-parsed, a.s.o. -- so currently this only happens when
> you close the window.
> Commands, snippets, etc. are special in that when you execute one of
> these, it ³commits² the current changes in the bundle editor. But
> things like preferences, language grammars etc. are in use all the
> time, so you (currently) need to manually commit (by closing the
> window, or for the latter, using the Test button).

Listening to cmd-S (save) here would work unobtrusively for users


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