[TxMt] Installing tm

Robert Ullrey robert_ullrey at mac.com
Sat Apr 30 04:45:00 UTC 2005

I place the tm program in /Users/yourname/bin which means make a new folder named bin. You will have to then create .bashrc on /Users/yourname and add  PATH="~/bin"
to the .bachrc file. You can make the file in TextMate.

Ott over at the codingmonkey's site (Subethaedit) has a subversion binary to install.

John Kopanas <john.kopanas at protoseinc.com> wrote:
>I just installed 10.4 from scratch and I forgot how I installed 'tm'  
>the first time... can someone please remind me? :-)
>While I am at it anyone know where I can get Subversion from 10.4?
>Thanks guys and gals!!! :-)
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