[TxMt] REQ: ctrl-tab toggles focus between textarea and project drawer

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Apr 29 09:11:47 UTC 2005

On Apr 28, 2005, at 19:46, Tom Lazar wrote:

>> If you don't use shift-tab to go backwards in snippet placeholders, 
>> open TextMate.app/Contents/Resources/KeyBindings.dict and uncomment 
>> this line:
>>    "\031" = "selectFollowingKeyView:";
> ah, thanks for the tip. but I'll pass on this one: in case of doubt 
> I'd rather stick to the custom keybindings and shortcuts.

You mean the _default_ key bindings and shortcuts? I wouldn't mind 
adding ctrl-shift-tab as a default key binding to go to the project 
drawer, but unfortunately I can't overload that key “just like that” 
(the OS is pretty frustrating when it comes to overloading keys).

> perhaps there's an easy way to ignore the project drawer widgets? I'd 
> rather give up accessing *those* via the keyboard (never do, anyway) 
> and the ctrl-tab would do the toggeling without changing any other 
> behaviour.

They are included because you have enabled full keyboard access (system 
prefs). You can remove them from the tab chain using Interface Builder.

As of such, I wouldn't mind removing them, as I wouldn't think anyone 
would actually tab to these gadgets and control them from the keyboard 
(and with the exception of some of the action menu items, they do all 
have key equivalents) -- but then again, I wouldn't think anyone would 
tab to the project drawer! ;)

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