[TxMt] REQ: ctrl-tab toggles focus between textarea and project drawer

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu Apr 28 16:53:11 UTC 2005

On Apr 28, 2005, at 18:35, Tom Lazar wrote:

> anyway: I'd really like to have a quick, no-brains-involved method to 
> toggle between the textfield and the project drawer via the keyboard - 
> I do it a million times a day and I don't want to use the mouse for it 
> (RSI, anyone?)

You are aware of the file chooser from the navigation menu, right?

> while i can use shift-tab to get back immediately, this isn't very 
> economical IMHO to move back and forth quickly.
> so, my proposition: ctrl-tab to toggle between textarea and project 
> drawer, shift-tab to cycle forward through textarea, projectdrawer and 
> widgets, and ctrl-shift-tab to cycle backwards
> or any other alternative that allows me to toggle with one key-combo 
> ;-)

If you don't use shift-tab to go backwards in snippet placeholders, 
open TextMate.app/Contents/Resources/KeyBindings.dict and uncomment 
this line:
    "\031" = "selectFollowingKeyView:";

Then you have shift-tab to go to project drawer, and shift-tab will 
take you back to text view again.

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