[TxMt] context output to html

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Tue Apr 19 01:30:08 UTC 2005

On Apr 7, 2005, at 19:04, Robert Ullrey wrote:

> Thanks Allan, but neither suggestion worked to get the pdf into the  
> browser. I am still getting the output pdf as I should, the script  
> just does not seem to see it. Not sure where the problem is. I'll look  
> more this weekend.

I'm currently having the problem that the HTML output refuses to follow  
any redirects to file:// which does cause a similar problem. This  
probably happened after one of the last system updates.

As a workaround I changed the redirect command to go through localhost  
like this:

[ -s ${tmp}.pdf ] && { cp "$tmp" ~/Sites/web_kit_workaround.pdf; chmod  
666 ~/Sites/web_kit_workaround.pdf; echo  
web_kit_workaround.pdf'</script>"; }

Now it follows the redirect again, but unfortunately the PDF plugin  
doesn't work, it freezes after showing “Loading...”, but this is also  
the case when loading the PDF in Safari (and OmniWeb crashes). I did  
try the latest 2.2 of the plugin.

Well... hopefully the rumored native PDF capability in Tiger will make  
the actual rendering work. But I'm not sure what to do about not being  
able to do a file://-redirect.

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