[TxMt] TM & Latex

Mark Smith mark at bbprojects.net
Thu Apr 14 10:36:05 UTC 2005

Jeroen van der Ham wrote:

>the pdfsync utility described before and TextMate scripting
>ability is a sufficient solution for that, at least for me.

For me too.

>Otherwise you're just relying on tinkering with it so long that it works
>and not understanding what is really happening.

Its possible that this is true, but it needn't be. You can understand *and* tinker.

Both LaTeX and ConTeXt are, after all usually (and always by default) "non-grid aligned" (in the way that e.g. InDesign or Quark are) and its a rare person indeed who can *always* foresee *precisely* (in terms of layout) how the TeX processor is going to deal with his/her input.

>As for beginning users for LaTeX, I'd recommend not using TextMate, but
>TeXShop instead. Provides all the useful macros in a very easy way and
>includes one button preview as well.

Fair point. Its a fine one-stop shop indeed.


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