[TxMt] Why I love TextMate

Jon Raphaelson jonraphaelson at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 06:14:51 UTC 2005

Allan Odgaard wrote:
> so what you can do is go to menu Automation / Run Command / Edit 
> Commands...

I need to say this, so sorry if this seems out of place on the list...

	The reason that I love TM so much is exemplified by the response to Mr.
Schröder's question about BibDesk. Allan, who I am sure has much better
things to do with his time than worry about single requests for help and
the like, instead of assuming someone else would tackle the question (it
was posted to the list, so it would have been a perfectly valid
assumption,) not only answered the question, but implemented the command
and updated the Latex bundle. And anywhere that Allan doesn't have time
to do that, someone else ( Sune and Eric immediately jumps to mind, but
there are _tons_ of others, so if you feel short shrifted, feel free to
burn my effigy ;) immediately brilliantly answers the question, usually
at what seems like great effort (at least great effort to expend helping
other people solve their problems instead of your own.)

Ok, so this mail is mostly me wanting to say thank you to those people
that put so much effort into not only making TM the best editor that
ever existed or will ever exist, but also in making sure that the
community around the editor is and stays as great as it is. I've been
lurking on the list since last November and there is no other list I
have ever been subscribed to ( except maybe ruby-lang ) where the
atmosphere was so radically *nice*.

Thank you Allan, and everyone on the list, for being genuinely interested
and actively involved in the community of people who use TM every day.

Jon Raphaelson

PS. Allan, when are getting b6? (lol ;)

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