[TxMt] Light Text/Black Background?!?

Eric Hsu erichsu at math.sfsu.edu
Tue Apr 5 22:53:21 UTC 2005

At 7:22 PM -0300 4/5/05, Ben Jackson wrote:
>Don't know why I hadn't considered this before... my partner looked 
>at my screen today while I was coding some JS and said "Are you 
>crazy? You're going to ruin your eyes with that!" I did some cursory 
>research (read: Google) and found conflicting opinions on the 
>subject... but most seem to agree that black ground/light text is 
>VERY bad for eyestrain.

This I believe is a matter of personal religion. I am a light 
background/dark text person and find it inconceivable to go back to 
programming light on dark. But then again, I survived perfectly well 
on my Apple II and before that on a VT100 with light on dark.

On the other other hand, a lot of bundles have pretty cool looking 
light on dark combos that I would have never done myself. Real Soon 
Now, we'll be able to set colors across bundles, but for now you'll 
have to tweak it by hand.

>Taking this under consideration, I'd like to change the defaults for 
>the JS bundle, but the prefs only allow for changing the defaults.

I would go into the JS bundle, into the Syntaxes folder, and 
duplicate the .plist there. Rename it to something like JS-Sane.plist 
and now change the colors in the code. (Also change the 'name' to 
something new.) Here you will probably want to use Colorpicker to 
help choose the color.

Hope that gets you on your way...  - Eric
Eric Hsu, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
San Francisco State University
erichsu at math.sfsu.edu

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