[TxMt] HTML bundle & HTML usage ( Was: Input Patterns?)

Mats Persson mats at imediatec.co.uk
Tue Apr 5 14:32:05 UTC 2005

On 5 Apr 2005, at 15:17, max at machinate.org wrote:
> Maybe it is a bit harsh to stop syntax highlighting on a code block 
> because of personal preference though.

Slight misunderstanding. I did not stop the highlighting because of a 
personal preference. It ended up that way, and I tried to fix it but 
ended up with other problems down the tree. Since it wasn't a show 
stopper I kept it and worked around it like you.

> Your html bundle is excellent, and its hard to think of any new things 
> you could add. ol and ul aren't in there, but this is presumably 
> because there are good ones in the outliner bundle. Maybe these could 
> be added to html to make it easy for people to find.

Yeah, <ol> <ul> are/were missing and the reason was simply that they 
somehow did not get uploaded. Odd issue I have to resolve.

> Will try and help with the others if I have some time.

Yes, please. I've had some spare time lately, but that's coming to an 
end soon.

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