[TxMt] regex problem

Dameron Midgette dameron at body-knowledge.com
Fri Apr 1 22:43:57 UTC 2005

     Like I said, stupid regex mistake :P (pig regex?)
     I was using * and {8} to try and modify the next item to the 
*right*; e.g. intending to match 8 tabs at the end. "Wrapping 8 tabs" 
meant that the line I searched wrapped in my email client, but had 8 
tabs between last name and address.
     Many thanks to you both for the clarification and status report.
     TM is truly amazing. I'm not an editing geek, and just in the last 
two days, TM has saved me over 2 hours of work. Thank you, allan, and 
everyone else on the list for a dynamic and creative environment for 


On Apr 1, 2005, at 4:42 PM, Eric Hsu wrote:

> At 4:14 PM -0500 4/1/05, Dameron Midgette wrote:
>> Sue	Xxxxxxx								1244 Xxxx Street	Bath	ME	04530	USA
>> (it's wrapping-8 tabs between last name and street)
>> for this pattern:
>> ^(*[^\t])\t(*[^\t]){8}\t
>> replacing with this:
>> $1\t$2\t
> Those *'s are in bad places.  If you want to match a greedy string of 
> non-tab characters ending in a tab, do ([^\t]*)\t.  I don't understand 
> what "wrapping-8 tabs" means enough to help you more...
> By the way I know Allan is aware that some truly mangled regexps (no 
> offense... I myself have sent in some spectacular ones to him) crash 
> TM, and that shouldn't happen.
> best, Eric
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