[TxMt] Java syntax coloring not currently available

Justin French justin.french at indent.com.au
Fri Oct 29 05:39:35 UTC 2004

On 29/10/2004, at 3:06 PM, Travis P wrote:

> I'm trying out 1.0.1.  Hard to believe with that list of languages 
> that Java isn't present.  I found the link to Brian Lalor's bundle for 
> it on the wiki, but the link is currently dead.

TextMate has one developer.  That's why the community (myself included) 
has pitched in a developed some language files to help the community 
get what they need.  1.0 launched with just HTML, PHP, Ruby and CSS, 
and the community pitched in with everything else you see in 1.0.1.

I'm sure many more will be added as the community pitches in and helps 
out.  You could help out too :)


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