[TextMate] suggestion: Grouping the commands/snippets

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Mon Oct 18 09:28:59 UTC 2004

On 18. Oct 2004, at 9:56, Raena Armitage wrote:

> My collections of commands and snippets are both getting a little 
> long, and as I add more I can see it becoming a bit of a task to pick 
> them from a popdown menu.  Is it possible to group these somehow, so 
> that we can choose from submenus instead of the super-long scrolling 
> menu from hell?

Currently there's no way to group (or drag-sort) the items. But it's 
something which'll be introduced real soon now! :)

Though I'm still not entirely sure how to do it. I would like to also 
show which bundle stuff is from in the various editors, also so that 
the user can place his things in specific bundles w/o resorting to the 

For this probably an outline view or browser view is best, but not sure 
if I should then show the top level (which would be the bundle name) in 
the menus. For a person placing everything in the default (“Custom”) 
bundle, that'd probably not make sense, since that'd be two sub menus 
to get to his custom stuff...

Maybe I could make it so that all bundles except Custom were sub 

I'll play a bit with it after 1.0.1 (which was delayed till today due 
to tab graphics ;) ).

Kind regards Allan

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