[TextMate] TM and hard links

Sune Foldager cryo at diku.dk
Fri Oct 8 20:19:37 UTC 2004

On 8/10-2004, at 22:14, Ollivier Robert wrote:

> I've hit something that bother me a lot since I use Arch/tla[1] as 
> version
> control software.  It has a feature where files are shared through 
> hard links
> in a revision library meaning that if across several changesets, a 
> given file
> doesn't change, it is stored only one time.
> [...]
> Thoughts, comments?

I have some...  I am against this as a _default behaviour_, because it 
can of course be less efficient and there can certainlty be times where 
you DON'T want to break your links...  granted that hard links are 
rarely used. I think it would be nice as an option in a future version 

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