[TextMate] sftp/ftp-support and external clients

James Spahr james at spahr.org
Thu Oct 7 15:55:03 UTC 2004

I'd like to voice my desire to have better apple event/applescript in 

Essentially the external editor api is a set of apple event classes -- 
and besides being able to play nice with ftp clients you'll also get 
the ability to use Textmate as an external editor for all sorts of apps 
like Dreamweaver and Xcode.

At minimum I'd like to be able to get and set the text from any open 
document, and get the cursor location/selection from the frontmost 

It's more about allowing TextMate to play well with others. Having a 
decent applescript dictionary makes TextMate useful in so many more 
situations then you can think of.

On Oct 6, 2004, at 2:43 PM, Noel D.Jackson wrote:

>> SFTP support is planned for version 1.1. And unlike most editors that 
>> merely integrate with Transmit or other existing programs, the plan 
>> is to have support from within TextMate.
>> There's no immediate plans to support the regular, unsecure version 
>> of FTP. But it all depends on what the community around TextMate is 
>> most interested in.
> I think that above SFTP, FTP is a necessity. Unless you use TextDrive 
> for EVERYTHING, which some of us just can't (clients don't all have a 
> super webhost), we need support for both.
> Likewise, a built in FTP client is cool, but I want this editor to 
> work just as well with Transmit and YummyFTP and Interarchy as BBEdit 
> did. In fact, if it doesn't, I'm back to working with BBEdit, even 
> though as it stands I still have to (for editing files ON the server).
> A bunch of small programs working well together is better than one app 
> that does it all.


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