[TextMate] Why there is no preferences window (was: Preferences window)

Andrew Green andrew at article7.co.uk
Thu Oct 7 12:56:13 UTC 2004

On Thu, 7 Oct 2004 13:30:30 +0100, Ian Phillips wrote:

> Per document options seem popular! That being so, my preference (no 
> pun intended) would be to have a hierarchy of preferences. Global 
> (command-,) preferences, which could be overridden by per-project 
> settings, which in turn could be overridden by per-document settings.

I hadn't really considered per-project settings, although I suppose it 
seems sensible.  I'm anxious, though, not to be misunderstood about 
what you call "per-document settings".  I really, emphatically believe 
that if you change a setting using the menus, it should act in a 
completely temporary way.

That is to say: if your global preferences state that you don't 
normally want overwrite mode to be on, but you switch it on using the 
menu while editing a given document, it shouldn't magically spring back 
on when you next load that document.  The menus are for the 

Seriously, the menus give no indication whatever of what's going to be 
remembered and what isn't.  If my overwrite settings get applied across 
all documents and are remembered until I notice that I need to switch 
them back, why doesn't the syntax colouring option do the same?

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