[TxMt] i-search in TextMate

Wileks Joiner wilkesjoiner at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 04:14:32 UTC 2004

On Nov 28, 2004, at 7:05 PM, Wayne Larsen wrote:
> 1. It's faster.  Yes, maybe you only have the find dialog box open for 
> less than a second, but: "Ctrl-S + Partial search string" is always 
> going to be faster than "Apple-F + Full Search String + Enter".  Also 
> launching the dialog box occasionally takes a non trivial amount of 
> time, particularly if the app has been swapped out.  Factor in people 
> who type slower, or those people who search out that last little bit 
> of efficiency and it makes a difference.

Yes, it is much faster.

> 2. Launching a dialog box is unnecessary for this task -- sometimes 
> the dialog box obscures text that I am using for reference.

The above is why it is much faster.  I cringe when forced to use a 
dialog box for all searching.  Being an emacs user and a firefox user, 
these are key productivity boost when navigating some form of a text 

> 3. Many apps are moving towards this style, and people may be used to 
> this way of working.  As an emacs user, the incremental search style 
> of working was ingrained into my usage patterns, and when beginning to 
> use TextMate I was regularly frustrated with its absence.   In 
> addition to emacs -- this style of search is now becoming default in 
> apps, so more people may become used to this ability -- the isearch 
> plugin for NSTextView, Firefox, iTunes, etc.  Better to give those 
> addicted to isearch their fix, rather than have them look elsewhere, 
> right?
> That all said, I've largely gotten used to working without it.  Indeed 
> other features of TextMate such as making use of code folding has 
> replaced my constant use of isearch for jumping around within a file.  
> But I still look forward to the day it gets added to TextMate!
> Wayne
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