[TxMt] Something 'fix' before 1.1 ??

James Andrews jamesandrews at mac.com
Sat Nov 27 07:46:50 UTC 2004

Hi Allan,

Just wanted to thank you for the (probably very boring to program) 
fixes relating to word/line selection with mouse/keyboard. If it's any 
consolation it makes me feel good every time I use them, which is a 
lot. So thanks for sticking with it. :-)

In a continuation of my process of highlighting the little boring 
things instead of the interesting stuff, here are my little niggles 

1/ I have the View/Open Files Folded toggle set to on, but whenever I 
open a file, all the foldings are unfolded.

2/ When I cut and paste folded sections, it doesn't maintain the folded 
state, I would like it to.

3/ When I backspace into a folded section it deletes the whole fold. I 
think it should not allow this to happen as it makes it too easy to 
lose whole sections of code.

4/ Being able to drag folded elements (using the fold icon in the 
gutter) to a different place in the file would be great for re-ordering 
functions or css elements. This is less a niggle than an idea, which, 
if relatively simple to implement, would be nice.

I appreciate these are small issues, so feel free to ignore any or all 
of them. One day I'll come up with something useful. ;-)

Best wishes,

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