[TxMt] Textmate Icon proposal - How About a Competition?

Mike mike at screenflicker.com
Thu Nov 25 03:48:29 UTC 2004

How does this stand out? ;-)

On 11/24/04 5:47 PM, "M Spreij" <nemo at mac.com> wrote:

> jheyer wrote:
>> I'm no icon designer but how about something simple like the attached .jpg?
> Chris Messina wrote:
>> When I look at my dock, I want TM to stand out as much as Thunderbird
>> and Firefox.
> I looked at my dock yesterday while reading this thread, and the first
> thing that struck me was that the majority of the icons are mostly
> white, grey, blue and black.. so something with bright orange (like, oh,
> Firefox) or red should definitely stand out :-)
> /Martin
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