[TxMt] web color palates for TM?

Simon Dorfman EmailLists at SimonDorfman.com
Wed Nov 24 20:18:42 UTC 2004

On 11/24/04 1:49 PM, "Jan Sabbe" <jan.sabbe at student.kuleuven.ac.be> wrote:
> Well no, same problem. osascripts waits for textmate to complete,
> textmate waits for osascript to complete.

Maybe pipe command to devnull.  I had a similar problem with an applescript
I wrote to launch a tcl/tk program.  Maybe my script can help:

do shell script "wish /Applications/CrossFire/CrossFire.tcl >& /dev/null &"
--the output is piped to dev/null so this launcher can quit
delay 5 --this delay is required so it doesn't open another instance of Wish
when activating below
tell application "Wish Shell" to activate

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