[TxMt] Color Consistency across Syntax Bundles (was: Italics in syntax bundles)

Noel Jackson noel at noeljackson.com
Wed Nov 24 18:03:04 UTC 2004

I totally missed that when it was on the list! That's excellent, sounds 


On Nov 24, 2004, at 12:44 AM, Chris Thomas wrote:

>> I think I'll do something similar to style sheets for the next 
>> version of the syntax highlight system (which will be a major 
>> upgrade, no ETA yet though -- I can send a full description to this 
>> list for comments when all details are settled) -- global names alone 
>> has the problem that "string" may appear as a name in e.g. both HTML 
>> and the embedded PHP (where they should probably differ in color), 
>> and/or that in some languages, it does make sense to color strings 
>> differently than what's generally wanted.
>> But style sheets a la CSS with selectors would probably be pretty 
>> flexible. Initially we postponed this, because we figured it would 
>> come off as too complex. But given the proper GUI editor, it'll 
>> probably appear as a huge simplification for most ;)
> Hopefully, that's still planned. I imagine the surprise demand for 
> printing used some development time that would otherwise have been 
> spent on it, though. :)
> Chris

noel at noeljackson.com

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