[TxMt] Italics in syntax bundles

Jeroen van der Ham jeroen at je-ju.net
Wed Nov 24 14:39:19 UTC 2004

On 24-11-2004 14:39, Ollivier Robert wrote:
> According to Jeroen van der Ham:
>>You are right, the problem is with Monaco, other fonts do display the 
>>italics better. But I must say that I really like the look of Monaco.
> Bitstream Vera Mono has an italic version.

Yes, it does, but it's not Monaco and looks slightly different, so what 
are you saying here?

>>But my opinion of anti-aliasing still stands. I have no idea why anyone 
>>would want anti-aliasing, because all the letters seem blurred. (Perhaps 
> Well, I don't know how far your screen is from your eye but AA with Vera
> Mono doesn't look blurred and is very nice (to each his/her own of course).
> Most monospace fonts w/o AA look just... not right. 

Anti-Aliasing == Blurring.
Take a screenshot with the anti-aliased view and the non anti-aliased one 
and zoom in.

But what is it that does not look "right" to you about the 
non-anti-aliased view?


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