[TxMt] Italics in syntax bundles

Emil Eriksson d00emil at dtek.chalmers.se
Wed Nov 24 00:11:16 UTC 2004

On Nov 23, 2004, at 14:23, Jeroen van der Ham wrote:

> On 23-11-2004 14:10, Allan Odgaard wrote:
>> On Nov 23, 2004, at 10:59, Jeroen wrote:
>>> How do other users feel about this? And does anyone else have tips 
>>> for increasing usability of syntax highlight bundles?
>> More contrast!!! More style-change (i.e. bold/italic/underline)!!!
>> Personally I do have very low color perception, so for me the styles 
>> is the main cue, which is also why the default (Objective-)C(++) 
>> files had a light grey background which allowed for both black and 
>> white text :)
> heh :) I'm not against more contrast, I just don't really like the way 
> italics looks on screen.
> But using bold or underline is fine with me.

What I'd really like to see is a consistent background color. Or rather 
consistent colors and styles. It doesn't really matter very much which 
styles or colors as long as they're consistent between syntax files. 
Though I would prefer white background and just colors (no bolds, 
underlines or italics).

Perhaps me and Jeroen should just have a shoot-out over this matter 
since it seems to me as he has the same opinion as me, though his is 
negated. ;)

Emil -- I blame any grammatical errors on my 4th grade English 

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