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Stuart Wheeler "textmatelist." at mac-fu.com
Thu Nov 18 23:19:38 UTC 2004


I am so glad you're considering this. I come from a NeXT/OpenStep 
background and personally, I wish OSX didn't have creator codes at all, 
but it does, so best to make the most of it. I know the whole creator 
code scheme flies in the face of Apple (or rather the ex-NeXT folk at 
Apple) trying to convince us all not to use them and use extensions 
instead, however, so many other apps including new ones like 
SubEthaEdit use them already, and TextMate not using them won't really 
help the situation. Until Apple removes the ability to use creator 
codes, I believe that TextMate should at least provide the option to 
use them.

I speak as someone who used BBEdit for a while (and didn't really like 
it), moved to SubEthaEdit and had to manually change all the creator 
codes on loads of files to the SubEthaEdit ones. I then had to add .txt 
extensions to all these files so that they would play nice with 

I personally favour a combination of (3) and (4). That is, have a 
global default of either on or off and then in the save panel be able 
to override that default if need be. For those that don't like creator 
codes, maybe the save panel should also provide the option to strip 
existing ones on the file you are saving.

If you think that they should be user-configurable based on extension 
then I guess that's another pane to add to your preferences. Personally 
I don't have the need for it but others may.



On 18 Nov 2004, at 22:30, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> How do people feel about having TextMate set the creator code for 
> saved files?
> 1) should it do it only for files w/o extension?
> 2) for specific (user setable) extensions?
> 3) have a global on/off switch?
> 4) be setable in the save panel?
> The "problem" with creator codes is that they take precedence over 
> file extension, so if for example you save a .html file with TextMate, 
> that file will open in TextMate (if double clicked) even if you've 
> instructed Finder to use OmniWeb to open HTML files (but you can 
> change it pr. file though).
> So creator codes does IMHO break the "change all" feature of Finder.
> Personally I'd probably like #1 from above, maybe #2, though I 
> generally do prefer my files to have a blank creator code.
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