[TxMt] Regex Guides (was Different background color for comments)

Ivar Åsell ivar at enskede.net
Thu Nov 18 08:10:51 UTC 2004


It was a great regular expressions start.

On 2004-11-17, at 21.04, kumar mcmillan wrote:

> On Nov 17, 2004, at 5:34 AM, Ivar Åsell wrote:
>> I've been wanting to customize syntax highlighting aswell... but I 
>> don't really understand the syntax.
>> (Proberbly regexp huh? Really need to learn more on that quickly!)
> For a good, simple, to-the-point regular expressions guide, I like 
> this one:
> http://www.contactor.se/~dast/mail2sms/regex.shtml

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