[TxMt] Open in FTPeel Command

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Wed Nov 17 22:23:24 UTC 2004

On Nov 17, 2004, at 10:56 PM, Toby Sterrett wrote:

 > Hi Alan, thanks for helping out with this so quick. I tried the 
following as the command:
 > osascript -e "tell application \"FTPeel\" to open `echo 
${TM_FILEPATH:1}|tr / :`"
 > and it gives me this error: 34:40: syntax error: A “:” can't go after 
this identifier. (-2740)

Ah yes, the file path also needs to be quoted:
    osascript -e "tell application \"FTPeel\" to open \"`echo 
${TM_FILEPATH:1}|tr / :`\""

I don't have FTPeel, but I tried with TextEdit, and here it does now 
open the file.

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