[TxMt] Awkward Find in Project Behavior

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sun Nov 14 10:16:31 UTC 2004

On 14. Nov 2004, at 3:57, Chris Messina wrote:

> This behavior should be much more transparent to the user--either by 
> automatically saving changes to files that are not open in tabs or to 
> have a check box on the find/replace in project dialog that offers to 
> save changes automatically.

It darkens modified files in the project outline, but this won't be 
visible if the groups are collapsed.

I don't like having the replace window save changed files -- what I 
could do is open all changed files as tabs if they were not already 
open. Though when the “in project” limitation of “find in project” is 
lifted, I'm not sure this will be nice (but it could be an option in 
the window).

Another solution might be to change the window title of projects from: 
“file — project” to “file — project (%d modified documents)”. This 
latter solution is what I like best myself, but do fear that the title 
becomes too long.

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