[TxMt] Dragging CSS Link Into XHTML Doc Doesn't Close Tag

kumar mcmillan kmcmillan at leapfrogonline.com
Thu Nov 11 16:38:27 UTC 2004

On Nov 11, 2004, at 9:55 AM, M Spreij wrote:

>>> Until Spotlight, I guess I can just add the inline close-slash in 
>>> the link tag of the default drag command, as that should be 
>>> compatible with normal HTML!?!
>> I've noticed that some versions of Mozilla will choke on tags that 
>> were short-closed, like <meta blah="blah" /> if the doctype is not 
>> explicitly XHTML.
> Good to know, but if that's 'choke' as in stop rendering the page or 
> crash, personally I'd consider that a Mozilla bug.
> Now if the doctype *is* XML or XHTML (or what not :-) it should 
> probably fail as per RFC (.. but that's from a 
> known-to-have-failed-before memory area..)

well, the short-close is not valid in HTML 4.0 (I don't think 
officially it is anyway) so that would not really make it a bug.  
but... most browsers out there (IE and Safari notably) are very 
forgiving to invalid markup, as they should be.  So I would say it is a 
shortcoming of Mozilla.  I think Firefox 1.0 is more graceful around 
these things.  the choke I've seen in older firefoxes breaks the whole 
layout of a page.


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