[TxMt] show matching double quotes to eager?

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Mon Nov 8 01:40:47 UTC 2004

On 8. Nov 2004, at 1:31, M Spreij wrote:

> But keying past a quote where it's matching quote is not visible, the 
> whole *window* flashes yellow..

Yes, this is intended so that one knows if a character has a mate even 
when the mate is not visible.

With characters where the start character is equal to the end character 
I realize one gets too much flashing, because it can't easily balance 
them -- that is, it could search from the start of the text each time 
and count, I didn't initially do that because then speed could depend 
on the length of the file (and position of character), and also, I may 
get it wrong, e.g. if at the beginning of the file there are un-matched 
characters in strings/comments, these would throw off all further 

When I add the ability to mark strings/comments etc. in the syntax 
files, it may be possible to improve upon this (since I can then skip 
these elements).

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