[TxMt] project over FTP

M Spreij nemo at mechintosh.com
Sun Nov 7 21:02:00 UTC 2004

Unless I missed something (which, today, wouldn't surprise me in the 
least..) it's not possible to create a project from a remote folder over 
(S)FTP, is that correct? From what I understand of FTP and ODB this won't be 
easy to implement?
Has anyone found a way to mount FTP folders as regular folders in the finder 
(with read/write, not Apple's readonly way)?

A workaround I got was to open the files seperately, then dragging the 
window's icons to a new project window (or if you open its parent folder 
from the titlebar you can drag all the opened files to TM), selecting the 
files in the project window once so they get a tab, and then you can close 
the original windows - edit/saves will update the version on the server. If 
you close the original window without 'tabbing' the file, the temporary file 
will be removed (and editing will not be possible).



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