[TxMt] CTRL-k behaviour

Wayne Larsen wayne at larsen.st
Sun Nov 7 01:51:17 UTC 2004

On 6-Nov-04, at 7:17 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 7. Nov 2004, at 0:31, Michael Stillwell wrote:
>> Righto, I've made a page on the wiki that documents the emacs 
>> keybinding issues:
> isearch-forward (C-s)
> isearch-backward (C-r)
> Is this like findNext/Previous but always case-insensitive?

Incremental search is the key here.  Hit C-s and start typing and it 
does a find in the page.  C-s again to move to the next match, and yes, 
it is case-insensitive.


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