[TxMt] CTRL-k behaviour

CSchofield schofiel at telusplanet.net
Sat Nov 6 10:11:01 UTC 2004

> What I generally do is type the:
>     if(...)
>     {
>     }
> above the code I want to encapsulate (utilizing the smart-typing) and
> afterwards I select the code that needs to be “wrapped” and press
> ctrl-cmd-up to move it (i.e. the selection) up one line, which puts it
> inside the brackets (generally I also then do a single alt-tab to
> indent it one extra level).
> If you do it a lot, it may be possible to do a snippet that wraps the
> selection, but I spent 5-10 minutes trying to find an easy solution to
> adjust the indent, but that's currently not possible to do as a cool
> one-liner... ;)

interesting.. thanks i'll give it a go!

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