[TxMt] Refuses to open SVG documents in project?

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu Nov 4 22:07:04 UTC 2004

On 4. Nov 2004, at 18:12, Brian Lalor wrote:

> [ SVG being binary ]
> Why would TM think otherwise?

Because it doesn't phone home and asks a human, instead it relies on a 
list of known good extensions. I'm adding SVG to this list.

> P.S. -- how (and why) are you getting those "special" double-quotes?

Why? Because I'm embracing the typographic superiority of the Mac ;)

How? Not sure if this refers to how I create the NSString or how I type 
the characters? The characters are on option-2 and option-shift-2 on my 
Danish key map. Creating the strings depends... if the string is static 
I do [NSString stringWithUTF8String:"bla bla bla"] and of course use 
utf-8 encoding for all my sources. If the string is dynamic, I tend to 
use %C and provide the numeric code for the character (%C is the 
placeholder for a unicode character).

Kind regards Allan

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