[TxMt] XML support?

David Casal david at luminas.co.uk
Wed Nov 3 12:54:45 UTC 2004

On 3 Nov 2004, at 12:43, Justin French wrote:

> On 03/11/2004, at 10:05 PM, David Casal wrote:
>> I'm just wondering though, what happened to the existing XML bundle?
> no idea... never saw it sorry.


is where I saw it, but the link on that site:

gives you:

  Expected version '2' of repository; found no version at all; is 
'/media/subversion/repos' a valid repository path?

>> -the HTML bundle seems to underline each tag (why does it do that?)
> It was just a styling that was started by David way back, and I picked 
> it up for the HTML bundle... It offers a nice visual cue as to what is 
> the tag, and what are the atts.  Most certainly you could edit this 
> styling out of the bundle.

Oh I see, ok.

>> -however, it underlines the namespace, not the tag itself, when a 
>> namespace is used. For example, <map:components> will get 'map' 
>> highlighted but not components.
> OK, will make sure this is in the XML bundle... currently trying to 
> find out if it's part of XHTML or HTML... or perhaps we'll add it 
> anyway, because there are many XML-like templating languages that are 
> embedded in HTML which use them, like Textpattern (<txp:foo />).


>> -because the HTML bundle is not namespace-aware, textmate cannot 
>> offer any validation. I don't mean validating against particular 
>> schemas, but just 	whether the document is well-formed XML. Here, 
>> we're talking about the fact that if I give 
>> <foo><bar>foobar</bar></foo>, the editor will understand I need to 
>> close tag <bar> before I can close tag <foo>.
> TM knows that it needs to use the correct closing order when you use 
> the "Insert Closing Tag" command under the Automation menu, but 
> correct, at this stage, the Syntax Highlighting does not know that 
> your tags are/aren't nested correctly.  I think it's beyond what's 
> possible with SH at this stage.

Ok, patience then ;-)

>> I've never had to write text editor plugins, even less XML-aware 
>> editors, so I'm going to be pretty useless at this, though I'm 
>> perfectly willing to learn.
> There's not a bunch to learn... I'll get a quick version happening by 
> pruning/adding to the HTML one, then we can go back and fourth adding 
> to it, and then schedule it for release with 1.0.2 or .3.

Great, thanks, I'll try to get up to speed in how to edit bundles in 
the meantime.

>> The most important parts of that plugin in my working life (and I 
>> assume anyone's who is involved in dealing with XML webapps) is tag 
>> and entity completion,
> Well, TM doesn't do either of them, and won't for a while, AFAIK.  The 
> "completion" is either done with snippets, or it's done by hitting 
> escape, which just looks at what you've already typed further up the 
> page, which is great for a langauge like XML with no set tags, but not 
> so good for HTML at this stage.

Hm. I see. This link:


Highlights the problem well, I think. Because XSL is XML, it would be 
nice to support it but relies on XML support being namespace-aware. 

>> and well-formed checking.
> I don't think it can do that yet... but future versions might be able 
> to get it sorted.  The SH is due for a major re-work at some point 
> after (S)FTP I think.

Huh. OK thanks.

> I'll email you a bundle in a few days to try out, once I clear some 
> real work off my plate.

Ok I'll wait for that, thank you.

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