[TxMt] Selecting column with keyboard and navigating project questions

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Wed Nov 3 11:57:17 UTC 2004

On 3. Nov 2004, at 12:44, Johan Sörensen wrote:

> Is it possible to do a "columnar selection" with the keyboard only?

Yes, when you have selected some text, press and release alt once, and 
it'll switch to column mode -- this also temporarily enables freehanded 
movement, so that the caret can be moved past end-of-line etc.

Another handy accelerator is alt up/down which moves the caret to the 
begin/end of the current column. E.g. if you have:


And the caret is in front of “foo”, press alt-shift-down, and it'll 
move the caret down in front of “fud” (and select), press 
alt-shift-right and then single click alt. Now you have the 3 rows 
selected in column mode.

> I don't use the tabs (ie. they're hidden) whenever I have a project
> open (in the project drawer), is it possible to navigate up/down in
> the projectdrawer with the keyboard?

Yes, but only by moving focus to the project drawer (using alt-tab) -- 
you select/open files by pressing return.

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