[TxMt] XML support?

Noel Jackson noel at noeljackson.com
Wed Nov 3 03:56:57 UTC 2004

That bundle editor would be really cool, speaking of all this... :)

>> Sorry to bug people again with this, but it's the only thing keeping 
>> me from buying textmate right now; otherwise, I'm really happy with 
>> it and would wait for SFTP and SVN support patiently; however, I 
>> can't really live without XML support, since 80% of my job involves 
>> XML editing in some way or another.
>> Is there any news on what happened to the XML bundle which used to be 
>> on the wiki? The svn repo for it is dead, the guy doesn't answer 
>> mail.
>> It is such a pity, because XML syntax highlighting and completion are 
>> such a basic, important part of a good editor, IMHO.
>> If the answer's going to be 'no, texmate is made so you write *your 
>> own* bundles, that's why they're there', could you point out how 
>> difficult it is to make one, and how to go about starting? (it just 
>> seems like reinventing the wheel, IYSWIM)

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