[TxMt] XML support?

David Casal david at luminas.co.uk
Tue Nov 2 17:59:01 UTC 2004

Sorry to bug people again with this, but it's the only thing keeping me 
from buying textmate right now; otherwise, I'm really happy with it and 
would wait for SFTP and SVN support patiently; however, I can't really 
live without XML support, since 80% of my job involves XML editing in 
some way or another.

Is there any news on what happened to the XML bundle which used to be 
on the wiki? The svn repo for it is dead, the guy doesn't answer mail.

It is such a pity, because XML syntax highlighting and completion are 
such a basic, important part of a good editor, IMHO.

If the answer's going to be 'no, texmate is made so you write *your 
own* bundles, that's why they're there', could you point out how 
difficult it is to make one, and how to go about starting? (it just 
seems like reinventing the wheel, IYSWIM)



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