[TxMt] two "BBEdit requests"

Paul Nordstrom August paul at archivistes.com
Tue Nov 2 12:53:03 UTC 2004

Two things I miss from BB:

a) Opening/saving directly by FTP/SFTP (not going through Transmit, 
Interarchy, etc)
b) "show invisibles"!!! I know this has been asked for already... I 
just wasted 10 mins on a file where 2 spaces were emulating a tab; 
partly my fault (confused about Tab Emulation) but show invisibles 
would be great...

Otherwise I'm loving it. The recent HTML-PHP syntax coloring seems 
better, or is that my imagination :) I found myself running MySQL 
queries directly in TM... cool! Just think of the possibilities with a 
macro :)


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